Drug Tarot

The Drug Tarot is available in English, Spanish and Catalan

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The Drug Tarot is a deck of 37 cards ( + four contextualizing cards) designed with archetipes of drug related topics. They were devised by the artist in colaboration with the women of “Metzineres, shelter for women who use drugs and survive violences”. The Drug Tarot is available in three languages, Catalan, Spanish and English, all of them making use of proper “street” slang.

Drug Tarot/ Tarot de Drogas / Tarot de Drogues

producto Tarot de Drogas

  • Price / Precio: 25 € (+ shipping)
  • Size / Medidas: 7,6 cm x 12,6 cm
  • Material: 41 cards in paper hardcase
  • Weight / Peso:
  • Shipping / Transporte: Check transportation costs / consulta costes de transporte.

A donation to Metzineres / Una donación para Metzineres

The benefits of this product are entirely shared with the social project “Metzineres, shelter for women who use drugs and survive violences”. You can find more information about our collaboration on the website. The cost of the Tarot is 25€ + shipping costs. (please check packaging and transport)

Los beneficios de este producto se comparten equitativamente con el proyecto social “Metzineres, cobijo para mujeres que consumen drogas y sobreviven violencias”. Puedes conocer mejor nuestra colaboración en la pagina web.

El coste del Tarot es 25€ + costes de envío. (por favor consulta embalaje y transporte)

Shipping costs
  • National: certified shipments in Spain have a cost of 9€ per card deck

  • International: certified shipments in Europe have a cost of 13€ (including Groenland) per card deck.

  • All other countries: have a certified shipping cost of 18€ per deck of cards
  • Prices: may be subjected to slight changes according to the official national postal rate.

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product Tarot

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